A good backup strategy is essential to any business, regardless of size

Backing up to only an external drive is almost as bad as no backup. The 3-2-1 backup strategy helps to prevent disaster from hitting your company.

We developed great backup strategies which will run fully automated securing your data to different locations. Recover entire server systems quickly or recover individual files in seconds.

NetSol Backup Service

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Data loss can kill your business

Nobody is immune against
• Hardware failures
• Ransomware
• Accidental data deletion
• Natural disaster

Act quickly and get a proper backup service up and running!

Ransomware can hit your company too. In every organization, there is at least one person who clicks on anything.

Imagine you go to work and all your data has vanished. Accounting files, customer contracts, pending orders, just everything.

If you do not want to think about this unpleasant possibility to happen, contact us now.

You think your Website is safe? Think again!

WordPress and Joomla websites are the most common hacked sites.

With malicious code infected, your website might suddenly start sending out tens of thousands of spam mails. As a result, your domain gets widely blocked and it will take lots of time and effort to remove those blocks again.
Or your website might suddenly show explicit adult or gambling content to visitors. Which is quite bad too.

We have the right solution to protect and backup your Website!

cyber security

Microsoft Office365 and Google G Suite need backup too

Office365 can host your emails, calendars, contacts, documents, sharepoint libraries and MS Teams data.

Google’s G Suite host emails, calendar, contacts and documents.

Both services manage your data, it’s not much different to a local server. They don’t keep permanent backups of your data though.

We offer
• Daily backup of your entire Google or Microsoft account
• Unlimited version history and backup storage
• Easy data restore
• Fully encrypted Cloud-to-Cloud Backups, not utilizing any bandwidth on your network


• Highest end to end encryption 448-bit (Blowfish)
• Highest transmission encryption 128-bit AES
• Continuous backups
• Unlimited version history of your files*
• Files and folders instant restore
• Free first seeded backup
• On-Site Restore Service or local pick up
• Smart CPU and bandwidth management
• Works on Windows, Mac, Linux

• Monthly or yearly billing.
• Mobile app to access, download or share your files
• Double or triple backup destination 
• Backup external drives
• Deleted Files Protection
• Automatic file de-duplication
• Restore files online in seconds

*  (within the rented storage limit)

Backup support for
> Hyper-V and vSphere
> Windows and Linux Server
> Active Directory, MS Exchange
> O365, SharePoint, MS SQL, Exchange
> G Suite, AWS and Azure Server

Special Restore features
> Restore local server backup to AWS EC2 or Azure
> Restore server backup to new hardware with drivers removed
> Restore Hyper-V and vSphere virtual machines to different location or convert to Bare Metal

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