Powerful backup and disaster recovery

We have saved several companies from going out of business. They fell victim to a ransomware attack, a malicious employee deleted their data, or hardware failure caused a significant data loss. And without a secure backup, they could not have recovered anymore from the disaster. Can you imagine the consequences of losing all company files? Our backups have military-grade encryption (blowfish), which has never been cracked, and multiple destinations with immutable storage, continuously monitored. If a disaster strikes, we will quickly restore your data. Our HelpDesk (click here to get your email ticketing system) can assist anytime.
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• Windows and Linux Server
• PCs, Laptops
• Hyper-V, vSphere, Bare Metal
• Active Directory, MS Exchange, Databases
• MS SQL, Exchange
• Microsoft365 and SharePoint
• Google Workspace
• NAS, SAN or cloud containers

Special Features

• Restore entire systems to local or cloud server
• Restore systems to different hardware
• Immutable Storage
• Ransomware protected backups
• Real-time or scheduled backups
• Backup Reports
• Fully Managed

Backup Specification

• Highest end to end encryption 448-bit
• Highest transmission encryption 128-bit AES
• Deleted Files Protection
• Continuous backups
• Unlimited version history of your files*

• Smart CPU and bandwidth management
• Double or triple backup destination
• Automatic file de-duplication
• Backup external drives, NAS or SAN
• Instantly restore files online in seconds

The most common causes of data loss are hardware/system failure (31%), human error (29%), and viruses, malware or ransomware (29%)
Source: Storagecraft

Cost effective cold storage, for long-term data archiving, available for just 700 Baht /m and per 1 TB.

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