How Good Is Your Backup?

You think you have a backup and are safe from data loss?

Answer the below questions and if only one answer is “No” then think again.

  1. Is your backup encrypted?
  2. Is the backup console / software password protected?
  3. Do you store the encryption key and console password in a secure Password Manager?
  4. Is the backup kept outside your office?
  5. Do you backup to more than 1 destination?
  6. Do you randomly restore data to test your backups?
  7. Is the cloud destination bucket properly secured?

A good backup plan to multiple secure destinations is a life insurance for your business from the evergrowing threats of ransomware and other cyber attacks but also to protect against accidental data deletion and hardware failures.

A backup to any internal storage is only good as long as you also have an off-site backup. If you are attacked by ransomware, chances are high that they target your backup as well. Those hackers are evil but not stupid. They know they can only get paid a ransom if you don’t have a backup anymore.

Contact us today and let us work out the perfect backup strategy for your business data.