Manager your Inbox – Better!

Many of our customers seem to have trouble managing their emails and their inbox is filled with thousands of emails.

Other clients have dozens or hundreds of folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders. They spend the better part of their working time sorting their emails. The time you spend organizing your emails is time you can’t be productive.

There is no general recommendation on how to handle emails. I can only tell you how I do it. I keep things very simple yet very effective (for me).

• I only need 3 main folders. I name these folders “Archive”, “Clutter” and “CC”.
Every email which has been replied to or includes information I want to keep will be moved into the “Archive” folder. Note that the Archive folder is standard for many email service and might not have to be created.

• I have two rules / filters set up.
Rule 1: Filter all emails in which I am in the “CC”. Move those emails into a folder named “CC”.
If I am in the CC of any email I don’t give priority to it because the main recipient is someone else. I read those when I have time.

Rule 2: Filters all emails which do not have me in the “To” and “CC” field.
Move them into a folder called “Clutter”. I hardly look into there. It can’t be important, mostly advertising, newsletters etc.

And that’s it already. All that stays in my inbox are emails directly addressed to me. And rather than spending time sorting my emails into folders I use the search function if I need to find any of them.