We have a profound expertise in migrations!

All our customers migrated servers, services, or storage at some point. And we have always planned and executed all migrations to their entire satisfaction, keeping downtime at a bare minimum, if not preventing entirely. Furthermore, because we have been doing migrations for over 20 years, we can provide the skills, trust and guarantee to make it a success. So get in touch with us to discuss and plan your subsequent migration. You can talk to us in Thai, English, and German.

• Local Server to Local Server
• Local Server to Cloud Server or vice versa
• Server to Virtual Machine (vSphere, VMware) or vice versa
• Cloud to Cloud Server
• Active Directory, MySQL and more

• To / From Local Server
• SharePoint, G Suite
• Cloud Container
• NAS, SAN and more

• MS Exchange to new Server
• To / From Exchange, Microsoft365

• To / From Google Workspace for Business
and more

• Websites between Hosting Servers, incl. Joomla, WP and others
• Website databases, shops

• from / to Self Hosted Server

A poorly planned and executed migration brings the risk
of data loss and a longer than expected downtime.
Both will cause severe damage to your business.

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