You should Rent a Server and here is why

One of the biggest advantages of renting a server instead of buying, is having a manageable expense, up to date hardware and a hassle free IT Support / Computer Maintenance without additional costs. Replacing a 500,000 Baht Server will eat up the bigger part of an IT budget very quickly. Even in the best of times, it may be hard to justify that kind of immediate major expense. On the other hand, what if the costs occurred at a really bad time—like the middle of a recession? In the recent economic climate, many organizations are trying to keep a lid on technology spending until the market improves. If money is tight for an extended period of time, deciding to rent a server may be a good option.

Renting a server will help keep an environment current with technology trends. Fixing broken equipment often raises IT costs, but staying on top of the tech curve can keep an environment streamlined and productive. By renting a server, you eliminate maintenance costs and all funds can be directed toward improving infrastructure.

Rent payments can be tax deductible. If the IT department has no plans to purchase the equipment at the end of the rent term, then the rent payments can be claimed for a tax deduction. The larger the rent, the more money saved on taxes at the end of the year. Your accounting department can provide you with specific details for any particular business location.

Renting is flexible with company growth. When a business begins to grow or change, the requirements of the IT department will change as well. Renting a Server brings the elasticity a business needs when it comes time to choose equipment that can expand in the future. Through a purchased model, the company may have to either do a full hardware replacement or, at the least, purchase newer machines to facilitate the growth. On the other hand, in a rental server environment, the company can plan for this expansion and simply add to the lease or modify the terms. Also, the company won’t have to deal with old equipment and how to dispose of it.