Test your employees with a simulated phishing attack

NetSol creates email phishing simulations sent to all your employees.
You will get an overview of who clicks on the malicious links and/or enter credentials which would be a potential threat to your business, if for real.

We will deliver you a report of your staff’s action and offer “Online Email Security Training”.
And we will also give you recommendations how to protect your system avoiding to become an easy target for scammers.

Keep in mind, a single click by a careless staff can bring you out of business.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals send out fraudulent email messages that appear to come from a legitimate source.

The emails are designed to trick the recipient into entering confidential information such as account numbers, passwords, pin, birthday into a fake website by clicking on a link.

The email includes a link or attachment that, when clicked, will steal sensitive information or infect a computer with malware.

How to recognize a phishing mail*

*Note that this is a sample and not guarantees that a phishing email includes any of those indictors, though many do.

If you are interested in a phishing simulation to find if your staff is vulnerable to such attack, please contact us.