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NetSol – IT Support, Backups and Cloud Solutions


IT Support

• Reliable and timely service
• Customized Service Plans
• On-site visits within 4 hours
• Helpdesk for Remote Support
• All engineers speak English


• Office365, G Suite
• SharePoint, Azure, AWS
• Azure and AWS Servers, Desktops
• Azure AD, Azure File Sync
• Cloud Backups, Cloud Migrations

RMM Service

• Remote I.T. Management
• Instant support and fixes
• Instant alerts for critical issues
• Software deployment
• Inventory of all PCs, Software


• From/To Cloud From/To Local
• Active Directory
• Database Server
• To/From SharePoint
• To/From Google Workspace


• Servers, Storage, Cloud Server, PC
• M365, SharePoint, Google for WS
• Backup & Restore entire system
• Restore to cloud server
• Local and Off-site backup

What you get

• Experienced IT engineers
• More than break fix
• Skills of an entire team
• Quick remote and onsite support
• Fair priced support plans

Efficient Email Ticketing

Monitor staff communication with customers, get alerts if your team doesn’t  reply within a set time limit. Assign tickets, see communication history and more. A ready to use solution, fully managed.


With our extensive knowledge of the Microsoft365 platform we can secure, optimize and manage your M365 tenant, design and maintain SharePoint, create automations and support your users.

Expert-Managed Data Backup

Backup files, databases, email, SharePoint and entire servers to local and off-site storage. De-duplication, highest encryption, immutable storage and everything fully managed by experts 24×7.

Timely and professional

Excellent I.T. Support and preventive maintenance. On-Site or Remote support whenever you need. Skilled team of engineers, speaking English and Thai.

Reliable Data & Server Migration

We know the importance of mission critical migrations with least impact on users. Our decades long experience ensures a safe and reliable migration.

Staff Training & Simulated Attacks

“In every company is at least one person which clicks on everything”. We train and bring your staff to the test with simulated attacks and secure your system.

See what our customer have to say about us

  • NetSol is a good partner who always responds promptly and has a solution for you. It is like Oil States that have over 80 years of experience in lifting & handling products and providing prompt services.
    Varachai V.

  • At Dexon Technologies Plc we have been using NetSol’s IT services for over 20 years. During this time our IT requirements continuously changed with advancing technology and as our company grew to employ 400 professional engineers, providing high end services to the world’s leading international oil and energy companies. NetSol’s excellent service and integrity has always provided us with a rock solid IT platform, allowing us to keep our focus on providing quality services to our own clients, without interruption. We would wholeheartedly recommend NetSol’s IT services to anyone requiring the highest level of IT support 24-7.
    Martin S.

  • For 8 years NetSol has provided a number of solutions to us including onsite & remote technical assistance, hardware and software procurement, and file storage/backup. Their service and staff have always been professional and supportive, and we appreciate the role they have played in keeping our computer systems running while the business has grown.
    Ben M.

  • Netsol has been supporting our IT infrastructure since 2016. They not only provide professional IT services but are also always there when we need them, accommodating our agile needs. If you're looking for reliable outsourced IT support, it's right in front of you.
    Winyoo S.

  • We, at Niedax (Thailand) LTD., have been using NetSol’s services since the inception of our business. NetSol provides excellent IT services, and their staff have always been professional and supportive. We truly appreciate their assistance and highly recommend them.
    Tassanai B.

  • BNL Thailand has been using NetSol IT Service Contract monthly for almost three years. We are happy with the quality and speed of the service. We also do our backups with Netsol now, and there was never any issue. I can only advise using their service as they are competent and spot on.
    Martin B.

  • Netsol เป็น Partner เพื่อนร่วมทางกับเทม เทค มายาวนากว่า 20 ปี  Netsol เป็น เหมือนพี่เป็นเหมือนเพื่อนที่ให้บริการ และให้ความช่วยเหลืออย่างจริงใจ และสามารถไว้วางใจได้ดีที่สุดของเรา
    Jidaporn S.

  • Almost ten years ago we reluctantly moved to Netsol Co., Ltd. after two poor, frustrating local webhostings.
    It is with great pleasure to note, that ever since we had no problems whatsoever with something we do not understand. Few very minor issues were attended to immediately, professionally and to our fullest satisfaction. The only regret we might have today is, that we did not start with Netsol Co., Ltd. from our very beginning.
    Professional service and very reliable after-sales service - very recommendable; thank you again for all the good work!
    Peter F.

  • Winterhalter Asia is delighted with NetSol's provided services, whether we talk about IT services, server maintenance, or IT solutions in cooperation with the German Headquarters. We have been using their service since 2016 and appreciate their fast support and expertise.
    Tobias W.

  • We are using Google for Work and NetSol not only has assisted on the set it up but also handled our entire email migration of 150+ Users. The migration was very smooth and we didn't encounter any problems or downtime. We not only recommend Google for Work but also NetSol to provide it. They did an excellent job!
    David W.

  • For over 10 years we rent our Server from NetSol and rely on their service of maintaining our complete IT network including all work stations. NetSol is fast, their service people are very experienced and trustworthy, they speak english and think expat-like due to their German management. NetSol keeps our systems running and our office working. We are 100% satisfied and could not imagine working with anybody else.
    Andreas G.

  • Netsol is our IT partner since more than a year and coming monthly for checking our computers concerning updates, hardware or software issues. They are a big help for us as before we were supported purely remotely by our headquarter in Europe. At the end our team here and our IT team in Europe is thankful for this help. All issues and concerns raised by our team members so far were quickly solved including recommendations for software and hardware upgrades.
    Overall an excellent, professional and friendly service which we can highly recommend.
    Matthias W.

  • We at Dacon Trading are using NetSol's service since the start of our business. NetSol provides us with an entire I.T. infrastructure including Cloud Server, Backups, Web-Hosting and Microsoft365. Their response time is very fast and they provide an excellent support.
    Suthamat D.

  • Years ago Netsol has assisted us on building a solid IT infrastructure for our business by remotely setting up Kerio Connect on our Linux Server. We have also been using their SMTP Service and are very satisfied with the overall service and have never had any issue.
    David W.

  • NetSol has been our business partner for IT Service since our start up and they have played a strategic role in our growth.  As we are a 24/7 operation, that specializes in Offshore Oil & Gas Crane Repair and Service we must have a reliable and responsive IT Service.  Which is exactly what NetSol has provided for us.
    Travis D.

  • Use of NetSol service since 13 years. Since 13 years no unscheduled computer / server downtime. Highly competent team, available around the clock. Recommended partner in case your company relies on your IT system being always available for smooth operation.
    Georg W.

  • Many thanks to Netsol, for the valuable and professional help from procurement of hardware and software, setting up our network and providing a rock solid backup solution for our operation being able to run as smooth as silk. Also need to mention the 'thinking outside the box' attitude and advice for our hybrid system to address the needs and requirements of the company. Support is always only a phone call or email away.
    Chris S.

  • We have been partners with Netsol since 2017. NetSol has been providing assistance, consulting, and solving various IT problems. Fast on purpose, professional, and Netsol ’s service person is always nice. So it is a pleasure working together. We truly appreciate your work.
    Siriporn Y.

  • We at Energy Efficiency Engineering rely on a stable and well-performing I.T. Infrastructure, which is what NetSol provides for us. We trust Netsol with our I.T. and Microsoft365 / SharePoint management. Their service is outstanding, professional, and with an excellent response time. We can only highly recommend their service.
    Martin v. K.

  • "We have been a customer of Netsol's monthly IT maintanence program and rented server for about a year, all things works fine and no major trouble to solve. Suddenly we made a major mistake with our web and email hosting, handled by other online type service, which resulted in total email black out and website downtime, our business relies on swift communications with many overseas clients and emailing is our main means of communication, our business is immediately effected negatively by lack of email access. As we could not solve this problem in-house and lacked knowledge of how to set the servers back straight, we contacted Netsol. Benny and Weerawat immediately jumped in and set things straight, we were back up running in less than 24 hours. This response convinced me that having a standard service contract that enables emergency trouble shooting by IT pros is a must for us".
    Johan O.

  • Suretank (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Suretank (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    Netsol acts like our in-house tech department. They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a mid-sized business.  Netsol provides excellent IT service and are always accessible on the phone, regardless of the situation. For larger IT projects they directly liaise with our HQs, while we can concentrate on our core business. We have been a happy client of Netsol for many years and plan on staying with them for a very long time!
    Peter W.


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