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We always strive to offer the best IT Service. With our profound knowledge and our language skills, you will find our service will exceed your expectation.

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Whether you need a Computer Maintenance Plan, a more complex Server Installation or a Server Virtualization and migration, we are your Partner.

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We not only read today's IT News, Security alerts and possible upcoming network attacks. We plan today how to prevent tomorrows issues.

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With more than 20 years of experience, we are capable of handling any issue and providing you great solutions that will simply work.

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From our blog

Phishing mails – how to protect!

Nowadays, phishing attempts pose a huge risk to any organization. If an employee reveals the email password in such phishing attempt, the damage

Windows 7 – End of Life

Microsoft will cease support for Windows 7 in January 2020. You will not receive security updates or patches anymore, leaving your network and data highly vulnerable. Act soon and update all computers to Windows 10. If you need licenses and help in upgrading, feel free to contact us at

Limit Google results to 1 year

Whenever I used Google to find something, it annoyed me that it returned results from sites which have been updated like 10 years ago. I only want to see results from sites which have been updated within the last 12 months.That’s actually easily done in Chrome. Go to SETTINGS and

Manager your Inbox – Better!

Many of our customers seem to have trouble managing their emails and their inbox is filled with thousands of emails. Other clients have dozens or hundreds of folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders. They spend the better part of their working time sorting their emails. The time you spend organizing your emails

Rent – Don’t buy

There are still a few poor misguided souls out there who believe it’s more economical in the long run to set up servers, buy perpetual software licenses, host the system and hire IT personnel to customize and maintain it. This is dead wrong because owning rather than renting means you’re

Mac, iOS

Working with Apple devices since the 1990's, we can solve any software issue and analyze possible hardware failures. For Mac and iOS we can develop workflows and automations depending on your needs.
Like for any other computer, we also offer fully automated backup service for Macs.

Cloud Servers

Reduce your dependency on local hardware and maintenance staff. Increase reliability of your file, database or AD server by moving them to the cloud. Embedded in the Microsoft or Amazon cloud infrastructure, you have highest security, scalability and availability of your servers and data. Accessible from anywhere and continuously backed up.

Backups are the new life assurance

There is no 100% protection against ransomware or natural disaster. But a proper backup solution will save your company from going out of business 100%. Backups to multiple locations, fully encrypted. Backup entire servers including AD, MySQL, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-v and restore to the same hardware, new hardware, AWS or Azure Cloud instantly. Backup online services such as G Suite, Office365, Sharepoint Online and more.

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