Don’t save on IT Security

Nowadays, every company relies on digital files and emails. Being hacked and losing that data or being subjected to espionage is a major risk. Yet, many company owners believe they might not be targeted because they are a small business.

This is wrong.

Statistics indicate that the majority of hacks target small businesses. Why is this the case? As mentioned above, many company owners do not pay sufficient attention to IT security. Whether you are starting a new business or running an existing one, IT security must be included in your budget. Neglecting its importance could lead to regrettable consequences.

What would it mean for your business if you lost all data? Accounting, Purchasing, Production, Contracts, Emails, Contacts… all gone. Could you recover? Probably not.

Did you know that 95% of all security breaches are caused by human error? Your own staff could inadvertently be the cause.

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